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Global Green USA is the American affiliate of Green Cross International, founded by President Gorbachev to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. For 20 years, Global Green USA has been a national leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change that improve lives and protect our planet.

We create transformative model projects and advance new policies that build sustainable and resilient communities and affordable housing. We help local governments, schools, and public agencies integrate sustainable design, clean energy, and water reduction measures and we help people reduce waste, live better, and act more sustainably today--and in the future.

Global Green USA has influenced more than $20 billion dollars worth of building construction by encouraging the integration of green building and sustainability practices, and we’ve educated millions of people about climate-friendly solutions through our five annual events, including the green event of the year, our Pre-Oscar Party. Our impact has been felt across the country, particularly in areas affected by disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where we led green rebuilding efforts and continue to provide assistance and resources to local residents.


The organization was founded to create a new approach to solving the world's most pressing environmental challenge — climate change. Global Green USA merges innovative research, cutting-edge community-based projects and targeted advocacy that:

  • Raises awareness and educates millions of people about climate change and sustainability
  • Implements ground-breaking environmental policy
  • Creates healthier, more efficient schools, neighborhoods, and affordable housing
  • Helps communities increase resiliency and rebuild green following natural and human-made disasters
  • Transforms waste into assets by promoting recyclable materials and resource recovery
  • Engages disadvantaged communities in the fight against climate change
  • Inspires youth to become environmental stewards
  • Ensures the safe, environmentally responsible elimination of chemical and other dangerous weapons
Global Green's Santa Monica Office 

Global Green's Santa Monica Office 

Global Green's New Orleans Office 

Global Green's New Orleans Office 

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